Top 10 Best Soccer Players in the World

In the world of soccer, there’s always something happening. As players are constantly fluctuating in form and tournaments stop for months at a time; it can be hard to know who should rank where on this list — but then again without controversy wouldn’t make much sense either.

10 Best Soccer Players in the World

The Top Ten Best Professional Football Players In The World Right Now are not in any particular order, but they’re all incredibly talented individuals who have been integral members of their teams’ success. While many leagues around Europe were forced into a hiatus after last year’s Euro Cup final between Portugal and France—with no championship games played during that time period because of an ongoing match-fixing scandal involving some top European clubs–the French Ligue 1 did continue on without interruption (owing largely thanks again tooishuge player salaries). That means there may very well be somebody better than another just waiting his turn at being considered among football’s elite…

There’s a lot of talent in world football and it’s hard to know who will be at the top. With so many players having great seasons, there are bound to be some arbitrary rankings with these lists being determined by form or natural ability when fit–I’m here ranking my top 10 based on both!

#1 Messi – He just gets better each year; no one can match his level-headedness on or off-field which is why he deservedly reclaims his spot as perhaps the best player alive today (in terms of soccer).

1. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is still going strong at the age of 33! In fact, he may just win his seventh La Liga top scorer title and have 22 goals so far this season. Along with those impressive stats comes 20 assists in 30 games played which beats out records for both personal achievements as well as being an all-time great athlete who has set many scoring milestones along their journey through football history–even if it’s not over yet

His best days are certainly ahead but don’t forget about this amazing detail from last year: After missing four matches due to injury late Pat oat avoids Giraud.

Messi has been in incredible form this year, leading Barcelona to their first Champions League title since the treble of last season. The most recent player to win Balloon d’Or also just barely edges out Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk by seven points with his goals and assists alike scoring many unanswered ones for the club side as well! With all these achievements under par manager, Luis Enrique will be leaving soon after four years at Camp Noun but until then there is no stopping Leo who reached 700 career goals earlier today finally putting an end to the PSG match giving us plenty more reasons not only to celebrate footballing excellence but what makes him so special too.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is 35 years old, playing in Italy for only his second year. The Portuguese star has been scoring buckets of goals and setting records all over Serie A while taking home the championship title with Juventus—and he still may get another chance at winning more hardware! As long as CR7 continues to play like an unstoppable force this season (he currently leads their league rankings), then there’s no way anyone can stop him from achieving greatness once again…

Cristiano Ronaldo is still going strong at the age of 35, and he’s showing no signs that will change soon. The Portugal international has 28 goals this season for Juventus in all competitions—including both European Championships after their victory last month– against 6 assists to date; making him one if not the most dangerous players on their team by far! He also leads Serie A’s top scorer chart with 39 goal contributions across league play (25)and cup matches(10). While there were some questions about how well CR7 would perform following his departure from Real Madrid last year…he looks like an absolute steal right now.

3. Neymar

Neymar Jr.’s performances have been magnificent this season. He recorded 13 goals and 6 assists in 15 Ligue 1 games before getting injured, then came back with a bang to record 18 total scores across all competitions when fit again–just 22 outings.

The one thing about Neymar that shouldn’t be overlooked is his world-class ability. He’s only 26 years old and has already established himself as one of the best players in Europe, if not better than some retired legends who were once considered among their generation’s greatest ever footballers! In three seasons at PSG (he joined them from Barcelona), he hasn’t managed anything close to a fully fit season; however, you can see how much potential there still clearly remains whenever The Little Fish steps onto your screen – whether its scoring goals or creating opportunities for others like.

4. Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is a world-class striker that has spent 10 seasons in Bundesliga play, scoring goals for Bayern Munich. He’s currently on his sixth campaign with the club and was their top scorer this season managing 34 of them across 31 matches played (including two DFB Pokal finals). The Poland International also managed 51 total firearm offenses including 6 assists while having 43 games where he scored at least one goal – not bad considering there were six match days missed due to injury.

Robert Lewandowski is in the conversation for 2020 Ballon d’Or. If he can continue his incredible form and help Bayern Munich win another Champions League, then it will be one of European football’s most dominating sides that have managed to take home three consecutive titles – something they haven’t done since Cuban did so back in the early 2000s

The Poland international has been linked with an unprecedented goalscoring feat this season as well; if these performances are anything indication about what may happen come next wintertime then there could easily turn out to be some easy selections at stake here.

5. Kylian Mbappé

Mbappe is an exceptional player with a bright future ahead of him. He’s currently ranked second on my list but could potentially be at the top in just a few years from now, for his stats and ability are absolutely outstanding! Already winning World Cups as well as Ligue 1 titles; Mbape’s trophy cabinet will only continue growing stronger through time- if he can stay injury-free over these next couple seasons like last year when it was held back by some injuries which slowed down progress considerably before finishing 18 goals scored 7 assists made during 20 league games played out fully healthy again.

Mbappe has been one of the most dynamic players in Europe this season, and it’s not hard to see why. He recorded 47 combined goals with assists for 33 games across all competitions-including 15 goals against EA Guingamp last month alone! These numbers are comparable (if not better) than those achieved by many Ballons d’Or winners such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo so right now he will have plenty more supporters among voting members who may overlook him before due time but don’t count out seeing “PSG Train” stats make an appearance once again soon enough if his side wins its first-ever Champions League title next summer.

6. Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is quickly becoming one of the best midfielders in Europe and could easily win this year’s Ballon d’Or. The Belgian has 11 goals along with 18 assists; he would be hard-pressed not to reach 20 assist mark if it weren’t for Manchester City teammate Yaya Touré (who currently holds that record). With four games left on his contract, Kevin will surely continue challenging players like Thierry Henry by scoring more goals while setting up others too.

Kevin De Bruynse is one of the most talented players in Europe, and his skill set will be on full display when City takes part in this season’s Champions League. With an assist from their star unlocked-come attacker; it could very well bring enough victory for Manama to finally win its first title since the incentive was introduced back into football.

7. Virgil van Dijk

Liverpool signed Virgil van Dijk from Southampton in January of 2018 and he has since become one the best Premier League defenders ever. In 2019, almost becoming a first-time winner for an Italian center back since 2006 with Fabio Canavero when it came down to Ballon d’Or rankings but lost out by just 1st place finish which was taken away due to voting procedure changes made after FIFA announced they would reinstate their own candidate before anyone else could do so again next year.

In the Premier League last season, Van Dijk conceded only 22 goals and kept 20 clean sheets. He also recorded a 74% tackle success rate which is the second most number of passes for Liverpool during the 2018-19 campaign as they ended up being crowned with 97 points – one point behind City after losing just once all year long while winning two European trophies (UEFA Super Cup & FIFA Club World Cup) alongside an additional title: The Football Association Champions League trophy.

Over the past two seasons, van Dijk has been one of Liverpool’s most important players. He helped them win their first Premier League title in 30 years and is currently leading all defenders with 85 passes attempts per game – more than any other player on his team.

8. Sadio Mané

Liverpool has one of the most dangerous attacks in world football, and Sadie Mane is at its heart. The Senegalese winger recorded 16 goals last season while helping his team win an English Premier League Golden Boot (with 22) as well Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang; he currently leads Mo Salah by two points for Best Player award voting too.

In a Liverpool side that has consistently been amongst the best in Europe this decade, it’s easy to overlook Sadio Mané. He may not possess Mo Salah’s record-breaking goalscoring campaign two seasons ago or Roberto Firmino’s technical superiority over both wingers but his pace and finishing ability make him world class while also scoring some incredible goals for LFC including one against Bayern Munich last year where he chipped them off their line before slotting home from point-blank range!

The Senegal international finished fourth behind Neymar Jr., Kylian Mbappe & Harden making him an early contender again come 2020.

9. Riyad Mahrez

I knew I had to include at least one Manchester City attacker, but between the likes of Bernardo Silva and Raheem Sterling (to name just two), it was hard for me to decide who would make my team. That is until remembered how successful this player has been in past matches against teams similar or even weaker than those he faced during his time with Leicester City – which helped seal him as an obvious inclusion onto yours truly’s Starting XI

I’m going all-in on offense here by selecting former teammate Gabriel Jesus alongside Premier League top scorer Agüero; let us see if they can help take down pesky Bowtie Boys today.

Riyad Mahrez is having a dream season in the Premier League. The 25-year old has 10 goals and 12 assists this campaign, which makes him one of only five players to reach double digits both scores (a record) as well have participated on 60%. However, he’s started just over half Governor’s Cup matches – scoring six points total when given starts while benched for five others; something we can all imagine happening if another team was facing City?

10. Erling Haaland

After only one season in the limelight, Erling Haaland is arguable to best teenage soccer player on Earth and has quickly become of one its premier strikers. Although still just 19 years old himself with numbers too ridiculous for him not to be rated among Europe’s finest at this point; he started out playing overseas but scored 16 goals as well 6 assists within 14 league games before making his switch midseason from RB Salzburg (in Austria)to Borussia Dortmund – where there were no signs that anything would slow down here.

This season was not simply a breakout year for Haaland. The 19-year old forward still managed to find the back of the net twice, including one beautifully executed long-range strike that would have earned him an assist if it were in fact headed into his own goal! He also lost out on winning any trophies but seems poised as ever ready next time around; who knows what could happen then?

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