Indian Premier League (IPL) Team Highest Innings Totals


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional 20-over cricket league in India. The league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007 and is contested annually by eight teams. The IPL has an interesting history; it replaced the Champions League Tournament (which was a 50-over format). The first season of the IPL was won by Rajasthan Royals, who defeated Chennai Super Kings in the final. The tournament has been dominated by Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, who have both won three titles each. Some of the highest team totals in IPL history have been set during this tournament. Let’s take a look at some of those records.

23 Apr 13RCBPWI263/520.013.15Bangalore
14 May 16RCBGL248/320.012.80Bangalore
03 Apr 10CSKRR246/520.012.30Chennai
12 May 18KKRKXIP245/620.012.25Indore
19 Apr 08CSKKXIP240/520.012.00Mohali
10 May 15RCBMI235/120.011.75Mumbai
08 Oct 21MISRH235/920.011.75Abu Dhabi
17 May 11KXIPRCB232/220.011.60Dharamsala
28 Apr 19KKRMI232/220.011.60Kolkata
23 Apr 11DDKXIP231/420.011.55Delhi
07 May 14KXIPCSK231/420.011.55Cuttack
31 Mar 19SRHRCB231/220.011.55Hyderabad
11 May 17KXIPMI230/320.011.50Mumbai
03 Oct 20DCKKR228/420.011.40Sharjah
12 Apr 16RCBSRH227/420.011.35Bangalorw
30 May 14KXIPCSK226/620.011.30Mumbai
06 May 15RCBKXIP226/320.011.30Bangalore
27 Sep 20RRKXIP226/619.311.58Sharjah
03 Apr 10RRCSK223/520.011.15Chennai
08 May 13CSKSRH223/320.011.15Hyderabad
11 May 17MIKXIP223/620.011.15Mumbai
27 Sep 20KXIPRR223/220.011.15Sharjah
18 Apr 08KKRRCB222/320.011.10Banglore
28 May 08KXIPRR221/320.011.05Mohali
12 Apr 21PBKSRR221/620.011.05Mumbai
21 Apr 21CSKKKR220/320.011.00Mumbai
02 May 21RRSRH220/320.011.00Delhi
27 Oct 20SRHDC219/220.010.95Dubai
01 May 21MICSK219/620.010.95Delhi
17 Mar 10MIDD218/720.010.90Delhi
27 Mar 19KKRKXIP218/420.010.90Kolkata
01 May 21CSKMI218/420.010.90Delhi
24 Apr 08RRDC217/719.510.94Hyderabad
15 Apr 18RRRCB217/420.010.85Bangalore
12 Apr 21RRPBKS217/720.010.85Mumbai
22 Sep 20RRCSK216/720.010.80Sharjah
17 May 12RCBDD215/120.010.75Delhi