Indian Premier League (IPL) Team Lowest Innings Totals


The IPL is a professional cricket league in India. It was founded in 2008, and the first season took place in April–May 2009. The league is composed of eight teams, each consisting of nine players. The teams play against each other in a double round-robin format, with the top four teams qualifying for the playoffs. A team’s innings total is the number of runs they score before being dismissed. In this blog post, we take a look at the lowest innings totals by all IPL teams. Spoiler alert: Chennai Super Kings reigns supreme! Read on to find out more.

23 Apr 17RCBKKR499.45.00Kolkata
18 Apr 09RRRCB5815.13.82Cape Town
06 May 17DDMI6613.44.82Delhi
16 May 08KKRMI6715.24.36Mumbai
30 Apr 17DDKXIP6717.13.90Mohali
23 Mar 19RCBCSK7017.14.07Chennai
26 Apr 14RCBRR7015.04.66Abu Dhabi
14 May 17KXIPRPS7315.54.61Pune
27 Apr 11KTKDC7416.34.48Kochi
05 May 13CSKMI7915.25.15Mumbai
04 May 13DDSRH8019.14.17Hyderabad
17 Apr 11RRKKR8115.25.28Kolkata
24 Apr 10DCRCB8218.34.43Mumbai
18 Apr 08RCBKKR8215.15.40Bangalore
18 Apr 13DDCSK8317.34.74Delhi
21 Apr 14DDCSK8415.45.36Abu Dhabi
21 Oct 20KKRRCB8420.04.20Abu Dhabi
07 Oct 21RRKKR8516.15.25Sharjah
24 Apr 18MISRH8718.54.61Mumbai
30 May 08DDRR8716.15.38Mumbai
20 Apr 09RCBCSK8715.25.67Port Elizabeth
10 May 11MIKXIP8712.56.77Mohali
06 May 15KXIPRCB8813.46.43Bangalore
14 May 18KXIPRCB8815.15.80Indore