Indian Premier League (IPL) Most Dismissals in an Innings


Innings cricket is one of the most exciting forms of the game. There are usually a lot of wickets taken in each innings, and it is always a tense affair. The IPL has seen its fair share of action, with some players taking more than one wicket in an innings. Here is a list of the top five players with the most dismissals in an innings in the IPL.

Topping the list is Mumbai Indians bowler, Jasprit Bumrah. He has taken three wickets in an innings on four different occasions. His first was against Royal Challengers Bangalore during the 2016 season. He followed this up with another three-wicket haul against Sunrisers Hyderabad later that year.

IPL Most Dismissals in an Innings

Kumar SangakkaraDCRCB5Hyderabad14 Apr 11
YV TakawaleMIRR4Mumbai07 May 08
MN van WykKKRRCB4Durban29 Apr 09
Dinesh KarthikDDRR4Bloemfontein17 May 09
Robin UthappaPWIMI4Mumbai06 Apr 12
Adam GilchristKXIPCSK4Dharamsala17 May 12
Brendum McCullumKKRDD4Pune22 May 12
MS DhoniCSKKKR4Chennai13 Apr 13
PA PatelGLMI4Mumbai16 Apr 16
NV OjhaSRHMI4Visakhapatnam08 May 16
WP SahaKXIPRPS4Visakhapatnam21 May 16
WP SahaKXIPSRH4Hyderabad17 apr 17
KD KarthikKKRRR4Kolkata15 May 18
H KlaasenRRRCB4Jaipur19 May 18
Q de KockMOCSK4Mumbai03 Apr 19
SV SamsonRRCSK4Sharjah22 Sep 20
MS DhoinCSKKKR4Abu Dhabi07 Oct 20
Q de KockMICSK4Sharjah23 Oct 20
KD KarthikKKRRR4Dubai01 Nov 20