Indian Premier League (IPL) Largest Margins wins by runs


In one of the most surprising results in this year’s IPL, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) beat the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), who was considered to be one of the favorites before the start of the tournament. The margin of victory was a whopping 108 runs, which is CSK’s largest ever win in terms of runs. This result has significantly increased CSK’s chances of qualifying for the playoffs, while it has all but ended SRH’s hopes. Here are three factors that contributed to CSK’s emphatic win.

IPL Largest Margins wins by runs

06 May 17MIDD146213Delhi
14 May 16RCBGL144249Bangalore
18 May 08KKRRCB140223Banglore
06 May 15RCBKXIP138227Bangalore
23 Apr 13RCBPWI130264Bangalore
31 Mar 19SRHRCB118232Hyderabad
17 May 11KXIPRCB111233Dharamsala
30 May 08RRDD105193Mumbai
09 May 18MIKKR102211Kolkata
17 Mar 10MIDD98219Delhi
25 Apr 15CSKKXIP97193Chennai
11 Apr 17DDRPS97206Pune
24 Sep 20KXIPRCB97207Dubai
21 Apr 14CSKDD93178Abu Dhabi
20 Apr 09CSKRCB92180Port Elizabeth
27 Apr 09MIKKR92188Port Elizabeth
27 Oct 20SRHDC88220Dubai
17 Apr 13RRMI87180Jaipur
25 May 13CSKDD86223Chennai
18 Apr 13CSKDD86170Delhi
07 Oct 21KKRRR86172Sharjah