Indian Premier League (IPL) Best Bowling Economy Rates


When it comes to the Indian Premier League (IPL), cricket fans all around the world eagerly wait for each season to see their favorite players in action. Apart from batting and fielding, one of the most important aspects of playing cricket is bowling. economy rate by a bowler during an IPL match can be crucial in deciding the outcome of the match. Here we take a look at some of the best bowling economy rates in IPL history.

IPL Best Bowling Economy Rates

Rashid KhanSRH2017-20216.33769320.55
Shaun PollockMI2008-20086.54131127.36
Anil KumbleRCB2008-20106.57424523.51
GD McGrathDD2008-20086.61141229.75
M MuralitharanCSK,KTK,RCB2008*20146.67666326.92
Sunil NarineKKR2012-20216.7413414324.53
RE van der MerweDD, RCB2009-20136.74212123.71
DL VettoriDD, RCB2008-20126.77342831.35
CV VarunKXIP, KKR2019-20216.82313623.30
R RampaulRCB2013-20146.82121421.28
MM AliCSK, RCB2018-20216.84341629.31
Jayant YadavDD, MI2015-20216.8619852.37
R AshwinCSK, RPS, KXIP, DC2009-20216.9116714527.80