India vs Pakistan Live Streaming Online T20 World Cup 2021


Every cricket fan in India is eagerly awaiting the 16th T20 match of their home team, Pakistan. The game will be played at Dubai International Cricket Stadium on October 24th and all channels are broadcasting live coverage of this event to viewers across various parts of the Asia Pacific region!

India vs Pakistan Takra Live Streaming Online T20 World Cup 2021

PAK vs IND 16th Match T20 World Cup 2021 Live Streaming

The hype is real as India takes on Pakistan in the 16th T20 match of the 2021 World Cup. With more than 2 Billion fans across Asia and Africa eagerly waiting for this mega clash, there have been many discussions about where you can watch it live! Star Sports will broadcast their telecast in India & Subcontinent whereas PTV Sports will handle coverage within Pakistan – but if your favorite streaming service isn’t yet available here are some other options: Hot Star (for those living outside South Asia) or ZWAA (-Europe). You’ll never want to miss out so make sure to subscribe today!”

The wait is over, as the 16th match of the T20 World Cup 2021 will be played between India and Pakistan. Star Sports will live telecast this historic clash in India & Subcontinent whereas PTV Sports are broadcasting it across all countries for those who can’t make their way out to watch at home or abroad with HotStar providing coverage online through its website/application

Finally, the moment has come for which more than 2 Billion cricket fans in both India and Pakistan have been eagerly waiting. The 16th T20 match of this year’s World Cup will be played between two countries who are rivals at every opportunity they get: India vs Pakistan! For those wondering where to watch or listen live? We’re here with your back as you can stream/listen on Star Sports channels located within Asia Pacific Region including China & South Korea while PTV Sports provides coverage across sub-Saharan Africa (except the Central African Republic)

IND vs PAK Live TV Broadcast T20 World Cup 2021

India vs Pakistan Live cricket matches is always thrilling and entertaining. Due to the long-standing rivalry between these two nations, there is a huge TV viewership for these games not only in India or Pakistan but on an international scale as well! These high voltage encounters make broadcasters cash big money with respect towards television ads during match broadcasts because they know people will tune into their shows no matter what’s going down at home turf just so that side may have something exciting happening again soon enough – after all live sport IS different when you’re watching it unfold before your very eyes unlike anything else out of this world!!

Country NameTV Broadcast
India & Sub ContinentStar Sports HD,
AustraliaFox Sports
PakistanPTV Sports
BangladeshGhazi Tv (GTV)
Sri LankaSLRC (Channel Eye)
United KingdomSky Sports
South AfricaSuper Sports
SingaporeStar Cricket, Star Hub, and Singtel
New ZealandSKY Sport NZ
The Middle East & North AfricaOSN Sports
MalaysiaFox International Channels
Hong KongStar Cricket

Match Details

SeriesICC T20 World Cup 2021
Match16h T20
TeamsIndia vs Pakistan
Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
02:00 PM GMT / 06:00 PM LOCAL
Official Broadcast PartnerStar Sports
Worldwide Digital Streaming RightsHot Star

Venue Details

NameDubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
Known asDubai Sports City Cricket Stadium
EndsEmirates Road End, Dubai Sports City End
Home ToUnited Arab Emirates

India is a top-tier team in the ICC T20 rankings and has been considered one of, if not the best batting lineup with Rohit Sharma at their disposal. They also have an exceptional bowling attack consisting of Jasprit Bhumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar which gives them back up when needed during matches against other high-ranking teams such as England or Australia who rank 3rd respectively on this year’s list by number bowls captured per dismissal.

The ICC T20 Rankings show that Pakistan is among the best when it comes to Twenty 20 cricket. They are ranked third and have one of Asia’s most talented teams composed entirely out Sharp Stars in their bowling lineup with Mohammad Rizwan (Pakistan), Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, and Hassan Ali. This makes them confident enough for any challenge against top competitors like India or Bangladesh who rank 1-2nd place respectively within this category

Weather Report

The weather at Dubai International Cricket Stadium is clear. With winds blowing 23 Km/h and humidity rates at 51%, it’s perfect for a full match! The Sky above this stadium doesn’t show any signs of rain either; there are no chances that you’ll be disappointed today with your hopes set on playing some cricket here in the Emirati capital city

My best advice would be to wear comfortable clothing since we’re talking about 20 overs each innings (not an entire game).

Pitch Report

The pitch at Dubai International Cricket Stadium is perfect for both batting and bowling. We have seen 200+ runs on this pitch with the lowest score of 71 in the past! However, when it comes to average innings scores there are still 144 left-handed batters who will be eager to get their bats out here because they know how deadly right-handed bowlers can be too – but beware…you might not last long against them if your team’s batting second due mainly from being relatively new grounds themselves so make sure you take precautions early before things start going south fast

A great place like what we call “The Emirates” has plenty more than just international matches happening all summer long; instead

India Team Squad

1Virat Kohli (Captain)Batsman
2Rohit SharmaBatsman
3Suryakumar YadavBatsman
4Hardik PandyaBatting All-Rounder
5Ajay JadejaBatting All-Rounder
6Ravichandran AshwinBowling All-Rounder
7KL RahulWK-Batsman
8Rishabh PantWK-Batsman
9Ishan KishanWK-Batsman
10Rahul ChaharBowler
11Shardul ThakurBowler
12Varun ChakravarthyBowler
13Jasprit BumrahBowler
14Bhuvneshwar KumarBowler
15Mohammed ShamiBowler

Pakistan Team Squad

Player NamePlaying Role
Babar Azam (Captain)Batsman
Asif AliBatsman
Fakhar ZamanBatsman
Khushdil ShahBatsman
Mohammad HafeezBatting All-Rounder
Shoaib MalikBatting All-Rounder
Shadab KhanBatting All-Rounder
Imad WasimBowling All-Rounder
Mohammad NawazBowling All-Rounder
Mohammad Wasim JrBowling All-Rounder
Sarfraz AhmedWK-Batsman
Mohammad RizwanWK-Batsman
Haris RaufBowler
Hasan AliBowler
Shaheen AfridiBowler
Ayan KhanBowler

Head to Head in T20s India vs Pakistan

On October 24th, India will be playing against Pakistan in a T20 World Cup match. Out of 6 matches played between these two teams over the last 4 years (2007-2016), India has managed to win 5 games while only losing 1 game which leads me to how dominant they’ve been when it comes down to an international competition like this one! With all things considered though; even if you’re not aware that there’s never actually anyone who could defeat them at their own game–the Indians do seem unbeatable during tournaments or otherwise where victory can mean qualification into another round(s).
With pressure being what

India T20 History

India has played 145 T20 international matches since 2006. They’ve won 92 of these games, with 49 losses and 4 ties in the process; 64% to be exact! This makes them one of the most dominating sides when it comes to taking on opponents in this format- so much for predicting an upset then…


Pakistan T20 History

Pakistan is a side that can always be relied on to produce an upset. They have played 177 Twenty 20 International matches from 2006 – 2021 and won 107 of them with 65 losses, 5 tied match results make up their record in T20s which is 62.5%. Despite being weaker than India who has been playing Test Matches since 1930, you never know what might happen when these two rivals meet due to close victories or lose by large margins because the talent gap between the two sides isn’t too widespread compared to other countries such as Sri Lanka where they only managed 2 Draws out 23 games against SL!