Fantasy Football Dynasty Rookie Rankings 2022


The excitement of the 2022 fantasy football season continues with renewed enthusiasm for an incoming slew of rookies who can provide immediate impacts on their new teams. Whether you play in redraft, dynasty, or keeper leagues; these fresh faces represent the hope that comes from finding playmakers to put up major statistical boosts–and at lower-tier discounts ( Ja’Marr Chase & Kyle Pitts), depending on where they’re ranked by Sleepers Plus! You have little – maybe even zero-to lose by taking one risk when it comes down to picking up some “deep sleepers” like Najee Harris.

Some fantasy football owners think it’s necessary to draft and add rookies because they love the upside, while others prefer not doing so due to how unknown these players can be. These people like stacking rosters with veterans who have been around a while; drafting your team this way will help you avoid a lot of heartaches if things don’t work out in any one particular player’s favor

With all that being said though – there is still those die-hard “Rookies Matter” Crowd (I am included amongst them) whose lives revolve solely on getting as many talented youngsters onto their teams ASAP!

1. Najee Harris

If you don’t have a stud running back, your team will be in trouble. Rudimentary statistics show that Najee Harris is the brightest face of this season and future for dynasty squads everywhere! He’s playing like he weighs nothing at all with an incredible vision to master every game, but it isn’t just his feet or nose they should worry about–it’s those beautiful shoulders that can carry so much weight on them when needed most. In only 13 games played thus far (with more left before schedule ends), our man has rushed 1,466 yards while also catching 43 passes including 30 touchdowns – what better way than having him around? This number speaks volumes because not long ago people completely disagreed about whether these types of players made sense anymore.


Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Kyle Pitts is a deserving candidate for the top spot in this year’s rookie rankings. For 770 yards and 43 hits, he broke records at his college with 12 touchdowns– proving himself more than capable of playing both positions despite being lined up mostly on defense during last week’s game against Miami (Fla.). You should choose him second only to Calvin Ridley on your team because while their roles may be similar currently – there are still plenty of opportunities ahead where one could emerge as a Stud Wide Receiver instead!


The 2020 season was a banner one for DeVonta Smith and the Alabama Crimson Tide. He became just the second player since Desmond Howard to win college football’s highest award, earning himself 23 touchdowns along with 117 passes that went through his hands last year – all while playing against some tough defenses! With such domination we’re excited about what he’ll do this upcoming fall–but there are still areas where improvement needs making before then (more on those later). For now though? Do you know who deserves bragging rights after putting up these stats? Routtakes fans; our new favorite team own two more wins than anybody else thanks in large part because of them.


A wide receiver with a high floor, Ja’Marr Chase is an excellent addition to your fantasy team. Draft him in the second round of drafts and you won’t regret it!

The Bengals offense was one of the best last seasons – they only had 1 receiving touchdown fewer than any other team in the league—but there are still some concerns about who will catch passes from backup quarterback Joe Burrow this year. With Antonio Callaway back alongside receivers Tandon Doss (remember him?)and John Ross II, as well as improved playmakers like eighth overall pick Miles Boykin joining them at tight end – all under head coach Marvin Lewis’ tutelage-I, don’t think we can discount what might happen if three elite pass catchers.


Williams has been a revelation for the Broncos, who saw him fall into their laps at No. 35 overall during this year’s draft process. He brings an elusive playstyle that makes his fellow backs look like they’re standing still while he runs by them on routine attempts; add in second-level finesse and near invisibility after initial contact (only six missed tackles in three seasons) — Williams seems perfect so far!

I don’t know about you all but I’m excited to see what will happen when these two meet up again come Sunday afternoon…


Trevor Lawrence is the best QB prospect in years, and he would excel on your fantasy roster. With his incredible physical strength combined with high-level passing talent; it’s no surprise that teams are scouring for him like crazy! He has a tendency to play more arm-dependent than Justin Herbert but still manages some run game mobility which adds value as well. If you’re looking for a backup/forward-type player then pick up this stud because there won’t be anyone else coming around anytime soon… if ever again – maybe at all?


Jaylen Waddle is a player to keep an eye on in the coming seasons. He was drafted by Miami after recording three impressive years as a star at Alabama, where he didn’t miss many chances and recorded an 81% catch rate over those three campaigns with Will Fuller V or DeVante Parker alongside him every play-call made possible due their trustworthy chemistry developed during workouts together which suggests that this dynamic duo will only get better when given more playing time now


Elijah Moore entered the tournament in a standard body shape. He weighs 185 pounds and is 5’9″ tall, with plenty of stamina as well as speed for his position group on defense (cornerback). This WR’s hands are also reliable- able to clear balls following catches after cards were dropped or intercepted by him during games played last year 8 total so far! His ability will make this guy quickly enter fantasy football dynasty rankings 2021 where he could potentially be worth an investment into PPR scoring systems considering all skillset traits displayed thus far at only age 24


The young LSU star is ninth on the list of top fantasy football rookies. Marshall’s speed and agility are awe-inspiring with an all-around catching radius that makes him a threat even when he doesn’t have the ball in his hand! His 82% positional alignment show how well this guy can do things like catch passes from Sam Darnold (if they’re playing solid ball) which would make him an excellent choice late draft day or trade-up value pick before someone else takes their turn selecting your team’s Quarterback

Awards: FantasyPros Awards 2018 – Rookie Of The Year Award


The Baltimore Ravens have selected Lamar Bateman with the 27th overall pick in this year’s draft. He’s a durable, physical receiver with good route running skills and speed to catch balls in traffic. The Minnesota native had 43% of his team’s airfields thrown at him so far (albeit just five games) which is surprising considering he isn’t an ideal fit for their run-based offense under Jackson–their Pro Bowl MVP QB who thrives most on shorter passes over 15 yards or less due largely because those throws can getter completed more easily than longer ones would against teams that line up heavily into coverage